Tina Kivalu

Founder and Principle Art + Design Director

Nitowski Design Studio, LLC

3225 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80206


Tina Kivalu is the Founder and Principle Art + Design Director for Nitowski Design Studio, LLC.

Pursuing a professional career in design has always been in the cards for Tina and from the beginning of her career she has become both a respected Interior Designer, and Project Leader.

Over the past several years she has had the pleasure of working for many of Denver’s well known Architecture + Design Firms covering both the Commercial & Residential markets. Through these opportunities Tina has gained indispensable experience and insight. These markets include Corporate Office Design, Restaurant Design, Senior Living Environments, Hospitality, Library Design and Civic Projects. Her diverse portfolio illustrates her ability to both successfully manage design projects but also incorporate unique artistic elements allowed by a formal education in the fine arts. Additionally, Tina is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and LEED Accredited Professional and also an avid member of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and U.S.Green Building Council.

Tina founded and launched Nitowski Design Studio, LLC with the primary objective to work with local business owners, home owners and the individual to create smart and efficient spaces.

Creating spaces for authentic experiences is a design mantra that can is well versed at Nitowski Design Studio.

Hobbies, Interests, etc.

I spend my time adventuring in the mountains with my two dogs and husband. I can be found searching for treasures at estate sales or in dusty antique stores. I like to find inspiration through traveling, exploring new cultures and conversion.

Who would be your best referral?

The most successful referrals are business owners who and home owners looking to upgrade their interior spaces through an remodel or expansion.