• Attendance


In order to effectively create and maintain a thriving professional networking organization attendance is required at every meeting.  Meeting days are Tuesdays, 9am – 10:30am.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, please arrange for a substitute.  Substitutes can deliver your weekly sales information, turn in referrals, or record closed business.  Arranging for a substitute does not count as a missed meeting.  Members will be notified when they have missed four meetings, in a calendar year.  The members’ category will be opened back up after the 5th miss without a refund of the annual membership dues.  Attendance is tracked by the Secretary.


  • Guests/Visitors


Bringing guests to meetings is the lifeblood of CPP.  Every member must bring a guest, once every two weeks until the chapter reaches 50 members. After two weeks of not bringing a guest, members will be notified.  The members’ category will be opened back up after the 3rd week in a row without bringing a guest without a refund of the annual membership dues. The Secretary tracks visitors every week.


  • Annual Membership Dues


Annual membership dues are $300.  Dues are used to fund all costs approved by the leadership team.  Dues are tracked by the chapter Accountant.


  • Training


Members are required to complete the professional networking success program created by CPP within the first 2 months of acceptance into the chapter.


  • One-To-One


Members must meet with other members, outside of the normal meeting time weekly.  One-to-ones are the best way to get to know the members of the group and their business.  Ideally, members meet with a different member every week with the goal of meeting with each member of the group at least once per year. One-To-Ones are tracked by the Secretary every week.


  • Referrals


Every member must be actively trying to refer business to other members of the group.  We are each other’s sales force.  This is the reason why we are here.  Referrals and closed business are tracked by the Secretary.